Health, Safety, Security and Environment Protection Department

HSEE Department Structure and Staffing
The department employs over 30 highly-qualified employees, who have a 5-20 years’ work experience in the industrial construction.
Department managers:
  • Deputy Director for HSSE - Koydan, Galina Borisovna, 8-913-632-22-91, 8-929-360-09-28;
  • Head of the HSSE Department - Alyusova, Alla Vyacheslavovna, 8-929-360-09-29;
  • Deputy Head of the HSSE Department - Krivko, Kseniya Igorevna, 8-929-360-09-31.
Main tasks and co-operation for compliance with the HSSE requirements

In implementing contractual terms for compliance with the HSSE requirements, specialists from the StroyCity's HSSE Department work in close co-operation with Departments for Industrial and Environmental Safety of Gazpromneft-ONPZ JSC, project offices of the Directorate for Large-Scale Projects (DLSP) and contractors. Daily co-operation and training activities help us reach the main HSSE goals set by the Customer, i.e., maximum efficiency and zero adverse effects, such as injuries, occupational diseases, emissions or substance release to the environment, harmful effects on the people, industrial accidents, traffic accidents, etc.

One of the company's key activities in HSSE is taking organizational and prevention measures aimed at the promotion of safe behaviour and work culture, raising awareness of public and personal safety and employee's personal responsibility for compliance with the HSSE requirements.

As part of the ongoing work and effective task performance of tasks, the HSSE Department launched activities in the following focus areas of the Gazprom Neft Safety Framework programme:
  • HC (health care);
  • TS (traffic safety);
  • ES (environmental safety);
  • ElS (electrical safety);
  • WH (works at height);
  • Requirements for living conditions at work sites;
  • PaHS (protection against hydrogen sulphide).
Work performance is always subject to the goals, obligations and principles set forth in the basic documents and regulations of Gazprom Neft PJSC, Gazpromneft-ONPZ JSC and Gazprom Neft Shelf LLC:
  • in the Risk Management Policy;
  • in the Policy on Industrial, Fire, Transport, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Civil Protection;
  • in the Statement on the Industrial Safety Policy made by Gazprom Neft PJSC and its subsidiaries;
  • in the Energy Policy of Gazprom Neft PJSC.