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Electrical installation

StroyCity provides the following types of electrical installation works:

  • Installation of packaged transformer substations:
    • The installation of package transformer substations PTS 35/6(10)/0.4 kW, CCTS, SC, OSWG, LWSWG, MDF, etc.
    • The installation of interior electrical equipment PTS, DTS, TS, DS, power transformers, etc.
    • The renovation of PTS, CCTS, SC, OSWG, LWSWG, MDF, etc. with the complete replacement of high and low voltage equipment;
    • The performance of electrical installation works replacing retrofit at PTS, CCTS, SC, OSWG, LWSWG, MDF, etc. with the complete/partial replacement of old electrical equipment by a high-tech one;
    • Other transformer substation related works.
  • The installation of cable connecting boxes up to 35 kW
  • The installation of power transformers
  • The installation of lighting equipment:
    • The installation of interior lighting electrical networks;
    • The installation of outdoor lighting;
    • The installation of emergency lighting.
  • The repair of engineering (electrotechnical) systems with complete or partial change.
  • The installation of outdoor power supply networks up to 35 kW.
  • The installation of low current phone installation, dispatch control systems, video monitoring and access control systems.
  • The installation of fire alarms.
  • The installation of electric cabinets, electric automation systems and all types of switchgear.
  • Any construction and installation works related to assembly/reconstruction of electric facilities or systems.
  • The renovation of existing communication systems.