Metalworks Factory

The metalworks factory has been operating since 2009 and currently its production rate makes more than 500 tons of metal per month. The factory equipment allows to manufacture both standard and non-standard items, to use steel and other metals of various grades, to use round bars and rolled sections of different profiles, including bended pipes and shells.

The factory is equipped with modern lathe, milling, drilling and bending machines. We also have gas and air plasma cutting facilities with the thickness of cut up to 100 mm, including the cutting machines for stainless steel structures.

The factory consists of a preparation workshop, an assembly and welding workshop and a paint workshop.

The production workshop is equipped with the following modern high-performance facilities of Russian and international production:

  • gas and plasma cutting machines;
  • guillotines for metal cutting;
  • hydraulic presses for beam and channel bending;
  • cutting facilities for metal sheets and sections;
  • metal sheet straightening facilities;
  • rolling machines, etc.
  • Metalworks Factory
  • Metalworks Factory
  • Metalworks Factory