StroyCity's Health, Safety and Environment Policy

StroyCity is aimed at providing high-quality construction services at reasonable cost in a short time without harming workers' health or damaging the environment.

Our goal is to take leading positions in Russian construction service market with the best quality of our services and careful observance of health, safety and environment regulations. No technical, economical or other reason can alter our work process if it argues the principle of maintaining safety for workers, civilians and the environment.

The enterprise management recognizes the following measures to be strategically important and necessary:

  • improving the occupational safety management system based on the concept of occupational risk management in order to detect, assess and minimize risks in the fields of HSSE, industrial safety and civil protection in a timely manner; to develop and regularly take preventive measures in order to be able to manage hazards and risks; to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases;
  • improve working conditions on a continuous basis;
  • raising standards of the workplace culture;
  • ensuring zero numbers of industrial injuries and occupational diseases;
  • providing regular training, re-training and advance training in the field of HSSE for the enterprise employees;
  • improving production technologies in order to reduce negative impact on the environment, spare the natural resources in the most effective way, and reduce the amount of waste;
  • decreasing the risk of accidents and improving the staff’s emergency response skills;
  • implementing and using the best cutting-edge production methods and technologies in order to ensure timely prevention of accidents, emergencies, possible occupational health risks, injuries and pollution of the environment, thus ensuring the high quality of the services.

The management prescribes that all employees should be responsible for complying with on-site regulations, driving regulations, HSE regulations and requirements for performing dangerous works. Thus, all employees contribute to the achievement of positive HSE results.