The Health, Safety and Environment Department

The Health, Safety and Environment Department (hereinafter HSE) was established in 2010. HSE is an independent organization department accountable to CEO.

HSE structure and staff

The department is staffed with specialists and is operated within a system of continuous training and job rotation.
At the moment there are 27 people in the staff.
Department managers:

  • Vice manager for HSE Koidan Galina Borisovna,
    8-913-632-22-91, 8-929-360-09-28;
  • HSE department manager Deeva Valentina Leonidovna,
  • HSE department vice manager Krivko Kseniya Igorevna,

Complying with HSE terms and conditions, the HSE department of StroyCity work closely with the HSE department of Gazpromneft-ONPZ, JSC, major projects management offices, the company RUSTEKHNIP (EPsCm subcontractor), and subcontractors. The main goal of their collaboration in the HSE field set by a customer is to maintain absolute efficiency level of "Zero rates":

ZERO cases of injuries, occupational diseases, pollutant emissions or leaks into the environment, harmful impact on the population, industrial accidents.
In 2017 the company hired a supervisor for driving safety.

The main HSSE activities of the enterprise involve organizational and anticipatory measures whose goal is to prevent occupational injuries among the staff, encourage the culture of safe work practices, raise awareness of the importance of personal safety and personal responsibility for one’s actions; implementation of the Safety Structure program in the following fields HC (health care), TS (traffic safety), ES (environmental safety), ElS (electrical safety), WAH (works at height); requirements for amenities at industrial sites; HS (protection against hydrogen sulfide); and the requirement to follow the goals, undertake the obligations and observe the principles contained in the following documents:

  • Energy Policy of Gazpromneft (JSC);
  • Statement on the Industrial Safety Policy of Gazpromneft (JSC) Subsidiaries and Affiliates;
  • Policy on Industrial, Fire, Transportation, Environmental and Occupational Safety and Civil Protection;
  • Risk Management Policy.

HSE department's tasks:

  • To create and maintain normal functioning of the information system for employees about their rights and responsibilities in the labour-safety related questions, about work and labour safety conditions in the organization, about specific on-site active harmful and dangerous factors, and labour safety legal regulations.
  • To improve the efficiency of collaboration related to HSE issues with subcontractors.
  • To control over the compliance with legal and other regulations on labour safety.
  • To improve the prevention of work-related injuries, occupational diseases and the promotion of better work conditions and labour safety.

HSE department works together with other departments of the company, representatives of workers' associations, and state supervision bodies.

HSE department's facilities

The HSE department is fully equipped, including:

  • modern on-site video surveillance system that allows to control from a distance over facilities and prevent HSE violations in real time;
  • modern equipment (TVs and projectors) to play HSE-topic related and training films and to show photo and video materials demonstrating consequences of labour safety violations;
  • 2 vehicles for faster responding.